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The fastest rotomolded tandem and amongst the shortest and easiest to handle, the Tasman has a distinctive catamaran hull that makes it quick, stable and durable all at once. Plenty of room for storage in the front and rear compartments, a full lifeline and lots of deck rigging complement this fun boat with a touch of safety and convenience. It can be paddled solo.

Stand Out Features :

  • Flex 4 Seat
  • Pilot Rudder system
  • Front & Rear storage hatches & bulkheads
  • Self Rescue Safety Straps


Length 16’6″ (503 cm)
Width 25″ (64.5 cm)
Height 16″ (40.6 cm)
Weight 87.1 lbs (39.5 kg)
Maximum Capacity 551 lbs (250kg)
Outer Cockpit Dimensions 31.5×18.3”(80×46.5cm)
Beluga Skirt Size Medium
Ideal Paddler Size 190 lbs (per paddler)