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About Azul Kayaks

Azul Kayaks introduces all ages and abilities to paddling and water fun.  Our affordable entry level kayaks are easy to paddle, transport and store,  with many basic comforts and safety features.  These are some of the most affordable kayaks for everyone in the family.  Families will love the parents and kids models, to share time together on the water.  Resorts and rental businesses will like them for their durability, ease of use, low maintenance and safety.

Choose from recreational, day touring, fishing kayaks, sit on top or sit inside style and one, two person or family of four (2 adults and 2 kids).  Azul’s day touring kayaks come standard with a skeg or rudder steering system and bulkhead sealed storage hatches for your gear, providing added buoyancy for safety. 

Welcome to the water – where the fun begins!