Flex 10 Angler with wheel

Colours Available :


Created with flexibility in mind, this paddle, pedal or motor driven kayak was designed to perform well on flat water or big water for fishing, photography or as a dive platform. Choose your drive option: Impulse Drive propellor pedal unit; Impulse X flipper pedal unit; Mount your own electric or gas motor to rear transom. (Note: Impulse Drive Kits include rudder and steering handle)

Stand Out Features :

  • Hard front storage cover
  • Deluxe high seat
  • 4 x flushmount rod holders
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • front and rear storage and 1 under deck hatch


Length 10′ (305 cm)
Width 35″ (89 cm)
Weight 65 lbs (29 kg)
Height 15 ” (38 cm)
Maximum Capacity 380 lbs (172 kg)
Material Blowmolded HDPE